Joe Crubaugh (album)

The long-awaited debut album from Joe Crubaugh is finally here! Featuring 11 original songs, the album clocks in with over 40 minutes of tunes. The new album was meticulously recorded in Crubaugh's sprawling studio he has described as "an old laptop, several rooms, and a few quiet closets around the house."

For those who've been living beneath a rock in a dank cave, Joe Crubaugh (known simply as "Joe" to his legion of fans) was born in Tupelo, MS, but his songs might evoke Elvis Costello with a dash of Tom Petty before that other singer from Tupelo comes to mind.

Citing the Beatles--sorry, I mean: citing the Bay City Rollers as a major influence, Crubaugh's eponymous indie rock debut borrows from blues, country, mid-tempo calypso, as well as punk, funk, grunk, shlunk, black-and-white film music, 17th-century worldbeat and a pinch of early-80's Norwegian psuedo-progressive glam retro metal.

Crubaugh currently resides in Huntsville, AL, actively working on his next release, rumored to be heavily influenced by whichever NetFlix series he's binge watching.

Feel free to download the high quality version of the album from the BandCamp link in the player on this page. (Yes, u red that write: FREE!)

The album can also be bought or streamed at the following links:

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