The Get-Go

Post date: Jun 14, 2016 5:03:46 PM

It's good to clean house, lose the baggage, throw fresh paint on the walls, find yourself standing at the get-go.

So it is with this online domain, my hypertext territory, my digital estate, my cyberspace cave.

Ye old home site had grown cluttered with dead links and outdated pictures on the walls that evoked nostalgia instead of interestingness (yes, interestingness; it's a word. No joke.) I can wax pretty sentimental over stuff, so when a rare "dump the clutter" spring-clean mood arrives, it's best to chuck the rummage before second thoughts creep in.

I don't like moving, but it happened twelve years ago in meatspace (a.k.a. the real world). At the old house I packed a lot of boxes with stuff I intended to keep. And then, seeing all those boxes again at the new house, waiting to be unpacked or shuttled into the the end, much of it went to the thrift store.

Maintaining stuff takes energy, mentally and physically, even if it's a box of junk in the attic stepped around once a year when you fish out the Christmas tree.

With the old site, an urge to write a quick post was often sidetracked by the demand to upgrade the Wordpress version, or to replace a deprecated widget, or to figure out how some advertising bot spammed all the comments with comically bad grammar and shady links for cheap office supplies or pet toys. It was time to move on to something that facilitates more interestingness.

So, this concludes the first post on the new site--a simpler, less-sophisticated Google Site whose character is more resonant with an Underwood No. 5 than Microsoft Office. Sometimes it's good to simplify.