Terminal Departure

Secret agent Cleo Matts isn’t licensed to kill, but that doesn’t mean a few bodies won’t hit the floor. Join him on his next mission…

A Balls to the Wall Ride

“We’re not exactly at the top of the food chain.”

The Ministry of Streunberg, a secret cabal of the world’s influential elite, has infiltrated the U.S. Government all the way to the White House. Their scheme for global supremacy entails blowing up a 737 airliner carrying an uncooperative genetic microbiologist. But they need the fruit of the doctor’s research first—a small package that could unleash mass destruction across the globe.

Dissident agent Cleo Matts isn’t about to let that happen.

But when Matts boards the ill-fated flight, he doesn’t count on an ice storm disrupting air traffic across the Midwest. And he doesn’t count on rescuing Julia McMichaels, a gorgeous Hollywood sweetheart running from an abusive husband. And he never imagines that the ancient alien watchers would choose this day to interfere in the squabbles of men.

From the back streets of New Orleans and the corridors of NASA to the super yacht of a gigolo Saudi prince and a showdown in a raging ice storm, the laughs, chases, and shoot-outs come fast and furious in this balls-to-the-wall espionage action thriller.


“Crubaugh has written a page-turning gigglefest involving competing secret and pseudo-secret government agencies, germ warfare conspiracies and alien abduction…this book is well worth your time for the laughs alone.” —Henry Brown, editor at New Pulp Fiction

“Oh what I wouldn’t give for a book with witty dialogue, intrigue, action, fun history facts, conspiracy theories, aliens and rogue government agents…Oh wait, I did get it!” —Alchemy of Scrawl

“You’ll love this book!…Written with the spirit of Christopher Buckley over his shoulder, Joe Crubaugh knows how to spin a tale of political satire.” —author Bonnie Lamer

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